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You're all set!

Love and high fives, you did it! Your consultation call is scheduled with our team and we can’t wait to chat with you! Please allow around about 15 minutes or so for your appointment. 

Leading up to the call, you’ll be receiving some reminder texts and emails, if something pops up, you can always reschedule in the app. 

Speak soon, Kate  xx 

You're Invited

Come and join our tribe of inspirational, encouraging and supportive women in our VIP Facebook Group. With over 1600+ women in our group, you’ll get to: see behind the scenes, check out the work we do, share or read reviews, ask any questions, get inspiration for your shoot, be supported by our tribe, support other women, join in the conversation, win prizes and more. 

This is a private LADIES ONLY (with the exception of Steve} group. ask us any questions, share and read reviews or experiences from past and current clients, and gives you inspiration for your session