A love your body Experience.

Are you curious about boudoir? Has it been on your mind for some time but you just haven’t had the courage or confidence to take the leap?

I get it,  a boudoir session can definitely seem daunting and intimidating at first, but stepping outside your comfort zone to do something new and exciting for yourself is the first step towards self-love. 

I would love to jump on a call with you and walk you through our boudoir experience if you have a spare 15 minutes.

During the call, you will also discover how boudoir is truly unique to you as a sensual woman. You’ll learn how to give yourself permission to feel comfortable with the process and gently let go of inhibitions that may be holding you back from embracing your true self. All your questions will be answered.

To get started, simply fill in this easy form below. You’ll be redirected to our calendar to schedule a call at a time that suits you. 

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Why Boudoir?

We are all guilty of prioritizing the needs of others before our own, whether it be mum life, work life, wife life. This can cause us to neglect our own well-being, leading to a feeling of drifting into the abyss in our day-to-day lives. 

As we journey through life, we experience many transitions, such as marriage, divorce, motherhood, body changes, career changes, and other milestones to name a few. These experiences can impact our physical, mental and spiritual well-being, making it essential to take time out to recalibrate and gain clarity about our own personal identity. 

Choosing to embark on a boudoir experience with Gold Coast Glamour Photography is a meaningful step in this direction offering an opportunity to: 

But that’s not all…

Our exquisite, artisanal creations will serve as a constant reminder of the confident, empowered version of yourself each and every day.

Boudoir Photography Gold Coast

You Got This


Take a Peak 


Start to Finish


A black and white image of a lady up close posing for a photo in black and white

Phone Consultation

A crucial part of your boudoir journey is connecting with you over the phone and getting to know you, what’s motivating you, your vision for your shoot, and providing you with all the information so you can make an informed decision. 

A lady getting her makeup done professionally for a glamour photoshoot

Professional Makeover

On the day of your shoot, you simply come along with dry hair and a clean face, and you’ll get to relax whilst our incredible makeup artist, Mel Beard settles your nerves and creates a makeup look and hairstyle you’ll really love. 

boudoir photography gold coast

Photo Shoot

When you step into the studio, we have everything planned out for you. We start super easy with orientation so you can understand our posing instructions and guidance and then all you need to do is enjoy yourself. It’s a lot of fun. 

Boudoir portrait of woman posing against blue velvet couch

The Reveal

By far this is the hardest and most rewarding part…choosing your favorite photos. You’ll get to see both black and white and colour versions and compare similar ones to select your absolute favorites. It’s a very fun, super easy process. 

You can do this



“I feel amazing, and liberated, I feel woman again. If I doubt it, I look at those photos and think, that’s me, I am beautiful.”

– Kaylinn Singer

“It’s just this really fun, relaxed environment, they make you feel comfortable. Not once did I feel nervous or self-conscious at all.”

– Mercedez Everestt



❤︎ Boudoir is for EVERY type of woman.

❤︎ Numbers do NOT define you.

❤︎ You can NEVER lose your sexy, no matter what age you are. Trust me!

❤︎ You don’t need ANY type of experience at all.

❤︎ Women who INVEST in themselves go further.

❤︎ Lastly, Be you. Do you. For you.



When you step into our studio, we make sure to capture you in a way you have never seen yourself before! This isn’t just a pampering experience– it’s an all-out transformation that will make you go from every day to slay!

Before and After Boudoir Gold Coast
Before and After Boudoir Gold Coast
Before and After Boudoir Gold Coast


Kate made the whole experience a moment in life that I'll never forget. She made me feel extremely comfortable, we had so much fun and the final product left me on tears of joy. She managed to capture me in ways I never saw myself and the final products were beyond words. I highly recommend every woman does a photo shoot with Kate and discover their inner goddess 😍😍😍😍😍😍

I had a boudoir photo shoot with Kate. It was by far the most amazing experience. I felt instantly comfortable in what I thought would be uncomfortable for me. Very talented photographer and Sam did a lovely job doing the special finishes of my hair and make up. Would highly recommend Gold Coast Glamour.

boudoir photography Gold coast

What a sensational experience. From my phone consult to todays photo shoot I felt safe and comfortable. I can’t wait to see my photos, the ones I saw during the session were so sexy. We tried so many different poses to get the best out of me. As a bigger girl I was worried that I would look and feel like a potato, but there was no point in the shoot where I felt anything less than a sexy goddess!



“These women are gorgeous. They are probably models who walk down the runway every other weekend. They aren’t just your average, everyday women that you see at the local supermarket.


Well, you are actually half right and half wrong. These women ARE completely gorgeous. That is a fact!


These women decided to treat themselves to so much more than just a manicure or a makeover.

Boudoir Photography Gold Coast


Hi, I’m Kate, Mum to 3 beautiful children, and 20-year partner to Steve.

I have been a professional portrait photographer for the past 20 years, and started Boudoir Photography exclusively in 2019. I love boudoir photography because it transforms the lives of the women I work with. 

Many clients have said I have an easygoing personality and an ability to make them feel instantly at ease and comfortable in front of the camera. I love connecting with them throughout the session to bring out their authentic personality, genuine expressions, and confidence where they forget about all their fears and insecurities.

Through my art and experience, I love empowering women with strength, courage, and confidence, then reminding them of that liberating moment with beautiful, hand-crafted products that eternalises their beauty forever.

It’s an honour to capture every woman’s unique beauty and personality, showing them that they are worthy of being celebrated.

Kate the photographer


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