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Five minutes with Kate Bevan from Gold Coast Glamour Photography

So how did your journey in photography start, Kate?

One powerful image I took of my baby brother. I was 14 years old living out at Jimboomba on acreage with horses. I was bored, so I borrowed my Mum’s camera and went hunting for the perfect snap.
I saw my 10-month-old mischievous baby brother lay over a weathered stock saddle in the dry dirt. It had hardly rained that season, there were horseshoe prints deeply embedded in the dirt beside the saddle…I leant over to call his name. He turned his face up to me and stared back with his steel blue eyes and blonde hair. I took the shot. It’s a photo that stuck with me, and I will never forget how excited I was to get that printed. 
I knew it was something special and I understood the value and power of photography.
Photography wasn’t the first thing I did when I finished school though. I was always obsessed with horses, so when I finished school I worked with race horses until I had my son. The rest is history, he literally stole my heart and that’s when my photographic obsession began.
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What are some of the things people should consider before doing a boudoir, glamour, family or corporate photography shoot?

Naturally, people become nervous when on the other side of the camera, heck I do! Having a rapport and knowing you can connect with your photographer will ensure you have a great time and enjoy the experience.

It’s meant to be easy and fun! So, it’s always a good idea to check out a photography services’ reviews. See what other clients past, present and future have to say, and also check out the photographers work to see if it’s your style.

What are some of the highlights or special moments you’ve experienced being one of the leading Gold Coast photography services so far?

Often my clients come to their shoot as strangers and leave like we have been lifelong friends. We laugh together, we are vulnerable together and we literally spend the day chatting and having a great time.

When it comes to the reveal, my clients’ reactions are priceless. Knowing you have helped transform someone’s life, empower them and capture something incredibly special… that in itself is a highlight.

“The opportunity to work with Katie has easily been one of the most memorable experiences. I battle with my own self esteem issues and Katie was very encouraging and made me feel comfortable throughout the entire session.”

“I left feeling much more empowered and the outcome has been nothing short of amazing. I would recommend anyone who is looking for a boost of confidence to organise your shoot with Katie and treat yourself!” Jacky Zala

If you were just starting a photography business, what advice would you give yourself?

Connect with your client so they learn to know, like and trust you. They need to be confident being themselves on the big day! Educate them for their shoot so they know exactly what to wear, bring, and do. Check in regularly to see if they need help with anything.

What do you think makes Gold Coast Glamour, family, corporate and boudoir photography different from other photography services?

Listening to our customers’ needs and wants, building rapport with them, making them feel comfortable and over-delivering on what they were expecting.

Doing that takes experience. Me, I’ve been in photography for 18 years and photographed thousands of people from all walks of life in all types of poses and environments.

I’m a people person too. I don’t mind being silly, fun, or crazy (like the occasional commando roll I do in front of people to make them laugh).

This is something customers value and appreciate. This is why so many people from couples, to families, to corporates to mature aged people and more absolutely love our boudoir, corporate, family and corporate photography service experience!

What are two or three things your customers say to you that makes you know that they love your service?

They felt so nervous at the start, but my experience has helped them relax…

They had so much fun…  

They love every single one of their photos…

They feel confident again…

“My wife and I had such an amazing time yesterday at our shoot. Full of laughs and fun. Kate made us feel so relaxed and can’t wait to see our final photo’s. highly recommend having a shoot done.” Damien Partridge

Are you interested in winning awards or anything?

I have always been more rewards than awards focused and those rewards are the smile on my clients faces. That gives me more satisfaction than any award. 

What’s next for Gold Coast Glamour, Boudoir, family and corporate photography?

We are constantly growing, and our studio is equipped with some amazing scenes and props to provide clients with the ultimate luxury photography experience. We take all of our clients’ feedback on board and implement their suggestions to make our service the best it can possibly be.

Okay, so what do you do when you’re not taking photos of business owners, families, couples or singles?

I have three beautiful children, but only two of them live at home, one with special needs that demands a little bit more of my time. I also live and work with my partner of 17 years who is an incredible picture framer. Not sure if you’re into star signs but I live with three Taurus’s and I can confirm… all three of them are stubborn!

My 19-year-old has flown the coop. When he does visit, my two younger children act as though an A-list Movie star walked in the house and he gets so many ‘Hail Mary’s’. They LOVE him. (Secretly, I am probably worse than the kids, I miss him immensely).

Kates family photo session

I love musicMy favourite artist is Eminem.

I love his music and I love his story. He is someone who has always inspired me because he has always followed his dreams and believed himself. He has lived a real life and he hasn’t let any of his misfortunes hold him back, instead, he has used them to tell his story in a way that resonates with many in the world. Whilst his art is not for everyone, I believe that he has shown the world, “you can be anyone if you put your mind to it.”

Love a reno. So much, I even applied for The Block.

I love to do a reno too! One year I applied for the Block. I don’t mind rolling my sleeves up and getting my hands dirty. In fact, my partner and I built our own kitchen from scratch.

At the end of the day, I’m really passionate about people, photography and learning new things. I like to learn and understand the mechanics behind everything- seeing things beyond their face value.

Before I go…

So that’s a little about me and the Gold Coast Glamour photography story so far which we can talk more about when you organise your glamour, boudoir, family or corporate photo shoot with me!


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