Behind the Curtains: Unveiling the Surprising Connection Between Boudoir and Magic Mike.

I was sitting at home bored last Friday night, so I decided to take my almost 15-year-old, special needs daughter to the cinema to watch Magic Mike the Last Dance. We bought our tickets, grabbed our popcorn and headed in. As expected, throughout the entire movie she was giggling like a naughty schoolgirl and whispering things in my ear. She thought it was hilarious. 

I however, was glued to the screen with bated breath, hanging on to every word and scene throughout the entire movie.

I adored the movie, I loved the dance, I loved the story, but most importantly, I loved the message. I really wanted to scream from the rooftops, “Yes, yes, yes!”

If you haven’t seen the movie, spoiler alert, you might not want to read on….if you have, scroll down to continue. 

Check out the trailer. 

The premise of the story is that Maxandra (Salma Hayek) is a 40ish-year-old woman who moves to Miami to escape her life and failing marriage.  

She crosses paths with Magic Mike (Channing Tatum) and asks for a lap dance. 

That one dance changed it all for Maxandra. It was indeed magical, powerful, sensual, and sexy, and she felt empowered and awakened. She was reminded of who she was as a woman.  

And Maxandra wanted every woman to experience the feeling that, ‘A women can have what ever she wants, whenever she wants.’ 

So Maxandra hires Magic Mike for one month, takes him back to London to choreograph a show at her famous theatre. 

They find the best dancers and put on the hottest most empowering performance I have ever seen. It was electrifying. 

For Mike’s Last Dance Scene, Mike danced with a woman in the rain. They danced in a way that made the audience feel their sensual connection. I have goosebumps just typing about it. I wished that was me. It was hot!

So here we are.  My daughter has some new interesting dance moves, and I have this burning desire to share my thoughts on the movie with you because the message resonated with what we do in our studio. 

Whilst the movie and a boudoir shoot are different forms of artistic expression, they both share common elements including empowering and liberating both subjects and viewers by showcasing the human body in a sensual provocative way and celebrating self expression, sexuality, beauty and self confidence.